English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Course Start Date

    June 21, 2022

  • Course Type

    Campus OR Online

  • Duration:

    6 Weeks

  • Language:


01. Program Curriculum

Guide to the Program

English as a Second Language is offered to non-native English speakers seeking to improve their skills to apply in their daily lives, work and school.

Our programs focus on the four major skills to improve when learning English: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Objective: To provide various levels of English learning to both native and non-native speakers to use in one’s routine, progress and achievements.

03. The Brief

Guide to the Program


Business English courses focus on particular vocabulary, topics and skills that are applicable to the workplace and enable you to communicate accurately. As a purpose-specific tool, the central goals of Business English are to carry the message across and to reach agreement.

Business English programs focuses on familiarity of words, phrases, expressions and be able to build fundamentals of English for speaking, listening, reading and writing. Through this program the student would be able to be competitive and globally ready to interact and work with people all over the world.

The Business English program provides an engaging way to learn English with terminologies used in a business environment, provides simulations or enactments of situations in the office, situational work-related encounters learn different types of correspondences, be prepared for speech presentations, gain confidence in public speaking, and enhance one’s ability with the English writing skills.


Programs under General ESL provides Intensive English classes.


This program aims to approach English grammar in various ways. The focus is to use English in a business and academic approach where learners need to master principal areas of grammar and communicate effectively.

Functional grammar, is essentially a natural grammar where everything can be explained by reference to how language is used. It is all about language use. Communicative grammar that learners can use in the typical situations that they find themselves in as they go about their daily lives.

This program uses materials tested to boost grammar skills with a twist of new techniques to easily remember words, phrases, expressions, and enhance vocabulary. It introduces the relation between the structure of a language and the various functions that the language performs.


This program provides many opportunities to enhance one’s skill in English using a wide array of conversational topics. From daily events where one encounters other English-speaking individuals, to presenting in your work place, Conversation English enhances one’s ability to communicate productively.

Through this program, you will learn words, expressions, phrases, of when, where and how to use them appropriately. Conversations are not always easy. You will be able to improve your skill and confidence making small casual conversations to important formal ones.

Conversational English allows you to learn words, expressions, phrases and idioms to use in your daily life. Speaking as often as you can, conversing whenever, wherever it may take you. Opportunities don’t happen unless you have Conversational English.


This program enables you to be understood and have the ability to pronounce words correctly and have voice neutralization. Through Accent Reduction, you will be able to eliminate accented speaking habits, speak with a flow and rhythm of proper intonation and stress patterns.

When learning a new language, one must always consider adapting and sounding as normal or neutral as native speakers sound. This allows a person to communicate effectively with others. Pronunciation of words should be clear enough for others to understand.

This program will help you be understood, have the ability to pronounce words correctly and have voice neutralization, eliminate accented speaking habits that can confuse a listener, speak with the flow and rhythm of proper intonation and appropriate stress.


This program introduces in-depth composition of corporate correspondences. As a means of communication, correspondences play a big role in being able to effectively voice out concepts, ideas, beliefs and messages.

Effective communication in any business is very essential, especially when one deals with clients internally and externally. Through Corporate Correspondence course, differentiation of correct letters and emails can be used and sorted appropriately.

This program provides a composition workshop where students would be able to properly create and write letters, memorandums, circulars, and emails.

Upon completion of this program, one is expected to grasp a wide array of vocabulary, grammar and writing skill.