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Fashion Journalism Diploma

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    11 Months

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01. Program Curriculum

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The fashion industry is one of the fastest changing industries in the world today. Prospects in the fashion industry are extremely encouraging. Fashion journalism, in the current context, holds a very important space with the fast paced fashion world we know today. It has its importance as there is a need for exclusive articles and coverage. In the present world, fashion journalism is not just limited to newspapers and magazines, but also present in the digital world. Having said that, the role of magazines in the Fashion industry is intangible and omnipresent.

This diploma consists of 4 modules over a period of 11 months. Fashion journalism as a course helps students learn all aspects of Fashion along with skills required in journalism. The diploma course is curated such that the student will have solid understanding of fashion, be encouraged to research right and also be able to grasp the requirements of global business in Fashion. The course will help the student to have the technical know how to confidently judge and critique fashion trends and innovations with very good writing, reporting and editing skills. The emphasis is rightly placed on developing an analytical understanding of the commercial marketplace as well as on the rigors of practical journalism.

Fashion journalists are either employed full-time by a publication or are employed on a freelance basis. They may work for newspapers and magazines or freelance for fashion publications, fashion houses of repute, advertising agencies specializing in fashion, event management organizations, or for fashion show organizers.  Therefore, a broad knowledge of designers and designs, both local and international, is essential. The course will take you through such essential key theoretical and practical knowledge required for a successful fashion journalist.

The course will provide the student with real world examples with practical knowledge and also expect the student to submit portfolio and case study reports at the end of the course.

02. The Brief

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11 Months


  • Application form
  • Basic knowledge in fashion
  • 10+2 or equivalent
  • Writing skills a must
  • A good level of English is required
  • No previous experience required

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