School of Technology Degree

MBA IT Training

  • Course Type

    Campus OR Online

  • Duration:

    2 Years

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01. Program Curriculum

Guide to the Program

This fashionable career path sees the arrival of many people who have often been self-taught or who have undergone short training. We offer the opportunity to stand out in this market where demand is exploding, exploring all aspects of development, performance and business management.

We delve into subjects such as web languages, mobile development, object-oriented programming, design, semantics. In-depth knowledge of complex technical and pioneering tools will allow you to start your career in operational functions, but also to turn to team management if you wish. Part of the curriculum is indeed dedicated to project management, innovation and managerial agility.

02. The Brief

Guide to the Program


First year

Study unit 1

  • Digital technologies

Study unit 2

  • Infrastructure Development

Study unit 3

  • Web marketing

Study unit 4

  • Management of digital strategies

Subject taught 5

  • Tools and techniques

Subject taught 6

  • Experience
Second year

Study unit 1

  • Advanced technologies.

Study unit 2

  • Infrastructure Development

Subject taught 3

  • Digital performances

Study unit 4

  • Management

Study unit 5

  • Tools and techniques

Study unit 6

    • Experience

Required level and qualification

  • Academic level required: 240 ECTS credits or 3/4 years of university studies.
  • English level required: IELTS (5.5), TOEFL (70), TOEIC (750)


  • Application Form
  • Motivational interviewing
  • CV
  • Post-Bac + 3
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Academic and professional records

03. Enroll Now

Guide to the Program