Message From The President

Vinay Lamba

President, IBSW

At IBSW, our mission is for students to gain global competence by practicing skill development in the classroom and applying their learning to real world  topics. Today, higher education remains the greatest driver of socioeconomic mobility globally, but we need to do more to keep it within reach for everyone by making it more affordable and within reach for the deserving. As educators, it is imperative to reassess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions students need for success in today’s rapidly changing and complex world. Both academics and competence are extremely important in an increasingly global market that requires global exposure, cross-cultural understanding, and good communication skills.

Schools today must leverage teachers as mentors and professional advisors bringing real world experience to the classroom rather than focusing on just textbooks. We believe success in an academic work is not only about ones’s growing resume, but being a growing person too.