About IBSW

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Since its inception, IBSW has successfully promoted educational excellence through its training. The goal of IBSW education is to work with brilliant minds – the main source of ideas and innovation – and prepare them to become successful leaders and entrepreneurs in various industries. Our faculty serve as mentors and professional advisors while bringing both international experiences and subject matter expertise to the classroom.

The campuses of International Business School of Washington are located in some of the most exciting cities in the world – Washington, D.C., Paris, Dubai and Bangalore. Our international curriculum provides students with unique in-class and hands-on experiences preparing them to stand out as accomplished professionals in the global market. We provide the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for success in today’s rapidly changing and complex world. Both academics and hands-on learning are extremely important in increasingly competitive international markets that demand global relevance, cross-cultural understanding and exceptional communication skills.

The courses offered by IBSW help the students build their creative and professional identity. All classrooms have been purposely designed to facilitate learning by providing access to state-of-the-art technologies in physically comfortable settings.

International Business School of Washington, is an educational consortium consisting of College De Paris, Ascencia Business School, Keyce, Ecema and Ecole Conte, established to promote the broad educational and cultural objectives of its associated institutions. IBSW academic programs collaborate across campuses based on shared disciplinary & interdisciplinary interests to enhance academic offerings and support vibrant intellectual communities. It promotes and administers long-term forms of cooperation that benefit faculty members, staff members and above all the students.

These include

  • Shared use of educational and cultural resources and facilities, including a joint automated library system and open cross registration.

  • Joint departments and programs.

  • Inter-campus student program and exchange.

  • Every IBSW program, committee, and event represents the shared trust and mutual support of our member institutions and our enduring faith that such collaborations help us be more effective, efficient and productive.

  • Our campuses strive to offer diverse, inclusive learning and work environments.