Fashion Styling (Diploma)

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  • March 29, 2020 - April 9, 2025
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Fashion styling is a complex, innovative and competitive field. This course will prepare students with the confidence in understanding both the basics of fashion styling and the creative eye to succeed in the fashion world. You will learn the ins and outs of fashion styling, fashion trends, with a full understanding and importance of what your clients can wear according to their body shape and style.

Student will learn the ropes of developing their personal branding and grooming techniques to create styles plans for clients and work with different brands, designers and production houses. Participants learn how to recognize, reinvent and define image for a garment, product or brand. With fashion styling knowledge you will have the skills and know now of current fashion trends, brands and skills needed to cover both creative and operational strategies in the fashion and luxury business.


  • Introduction and learn the art of fashion styling
  • Living model
  • Fashion sketch
  • Patronage and assembly
  • Concept and trend
  • Professional skills
  • Fashion styling
  • Dress and accessories heritage
  • Understand a stylist’s role in print, media and fashion events
  • Learn the evolution of major fashion trends
  • You’ll learn how to take three basic measurements that will help you quickly and easily decide a person’s body type
  • Learn how to identify different body types and which silhouettes should be avoided for each body structure
  • Identifying trends early-on and understanding the upward and downward movement of trends
  • Learn techniques with fashion styling the art of make-up and hair design
  • Creating solutions for print media, fashion shows, and entertainment events
  • Learn about personal styles: classic, trendy/chic, dramatic, natural, romantic, and creative
  • How to create transition-friendly outfits for both males and females
  • Fashion Visualization gives participants the required computer application skills to adopt optimal design and learning methodologies
  • How students can help in creating your very own brand and image

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