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MBA Data Solutions Architect & NWoW

  • Course Start Date

    September 1, 2022

  • Course Type

    Campus OR Online

  • Duration:

    2 Years

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01. Program Curriculum

Guide to the Program

This degree is developing its offer with an MBA focused on Data professions and New ways of working (NWoW) accessible to students from all sectors who have validated a Bac + 4 level who have understood that they had to integrate the digital transformation of professions in their studies.

This course is open to Bac + 4 students from all fields (statistics, mathematics, commerce, marketing, eco science) thanks to an intense program where technologies will be approached in the context of cases from companies: Design Thinking, Business Intelligence, Big Data (Data Science, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning), programming fundamentals, Agile methods, Governance of information systems.

All of our Business Programs (Finance, e-Industries, Digital Media Broadcast, Digital Media Design, Retail, Enterprise Mobile Management) are available as part of the MBA Data Solutions Architect & NWoW.

02. The Brief

Guide to the Program


First year

Technical Bases, Data & Design Thinking

MBA is focused on Data professions and New ways of working (NWoW). The technologies discussed come from cases from companies. You will choose a Business Course to personalize your career path according to the activity sector of your work-study program.

Big Data & Business Intelligence             

  • Data transformation and integration (ETL)
  • Data processing and visualization
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data and fundamentals of Data Science
  • (Intro to Big Data, R, Python)

Technological base        

  • Algorithms and modeling
  • Databases (SQL, modeling, BI…)
  • Cloud & Cybersecurity Architectures

NWoW & Soft Skills       

  • Agility
  • Information Systems Governance
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Culture
  • English


  • Business Courses (Finance, e ‑ Industries, Digital Media, Retail, Enterprise Mobile Management)
Second Year

Data & NWOW Expertise

The fifth year of this MBA is also possible on a work-study basis, which allows students to obtain significant professional experience after graduating. This year is mainly focused on the rise in expertise around Data, with once again hours dedicated to the specifics of the chosen Business Curriculum.

Big Data & Business Intelligence

  • Data Science
  • Cybersecurity applied to data
  • (Hadoop, MongoDB…)
  • Data Mining
  • Visualization for decision analysis
  • Data indexing and search
  • Operational intelligence
  • (Business Intelligence, decision analysis)
  • Artificial intelligence for Big Data

NWoW & Soft Skills       

  • Entrepreneurship & IT
  • (business creation, project, business plan, pitch, etc.)
  • Business Management
  • Design Thinking
  • Masterclass, Memory, Evaluations…
  • English
  • Curriculum
  • Business Courses (Finance, e ‑ Industries, Digital Media, Retail, Enterprise Mobile Management)

Required level and qualification

  • Academic level required: 240 ECTS credits or 3/4 years of university studies.
  • English level required: IELTS (5.5), TOEFL (70), TOEIC (750)


  • Application Form
  • Motivational interviewing
  • CV
  • Post-Bac + 3
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Academic and professional records
  • Copy of Degree

03. Enroll Now

Guide to the Program