School of Fashion Diplomas

Fine Arts Diploma

  • Course Type

    Campus OR Online

  • Duration:

    11 Months

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01. Program Curriculum

Guide to the Program

Fine arts diploma will develop skills and artistic strategies for student where they can express their imagination to create aesthetic art and objects. This creative art courses involving modes of expression that use skills and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, and experiences that can be shared with others. Student will study historical and contemporary arts that can be translate their work and concepts into individual expression.

This course consists of 4 modules over a period of 11 months. Student will be able to communicate effectively in the language of art and to investigate meaningful concepts of self-expression upon completing this diploma. Student will have prepared an artist’s statement, resume and a portfolio of visuals beneficial for presentation to potential employers, gallery representation or other professional art opportunities


02. The Brief

Guide to the Program


11 Months


  • Application form
  • Basic knowledge of fine arts
  • 10+2 or Equivalent
  • Writing Skills
  • A good level of English
  • No previous experience required

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