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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML)

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    Campus OR Online

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    40 hours

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01. Program Curriculum

Guide to the Program

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the comprehensive deep learning training for the area of computer science. This course emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. It will help you to work on the cutting-edge of Artificial intelligence that has an only wider concept of machines being able to execute tasks in a smooth way that we generally regard it as fantastic smart.

When it comes to machine learning it is one of the active applications of Artificial intelligence-based ideas for the machines that can do the tasks that typically require human intelligence. Not only this, there is perfect information with regards to learning a method of making a computer that controls a robot or a software thinks intellectually in a manner that is similar to the human mind relatively. We are here to give the way of machines into data and let them learn by themselves. This process might be done by deep learning through the AI & ML training. It is all about the concept of robot that reacts like human being and the AI has worked fine to give a perfect design to its machine.

02. The Brief

Guide to the Program


  • Basics of AI & Introduction
  • Math for Machine Learning – Statistic & Linear Algebra
  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Data Structure & Data Manipulation in Python
  • Visualization in python
  • Linear Regression, Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees with Case Study
  • Random Forests
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Naïve Bayes Algorithm
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Clustering
  • Principle Component Analysis
  • Gradient Boosting Methods
  • Introduction to TensorFlow & Keras
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Recurrent and Recursive Nets
  • Autoencoders, RBM
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Reinforcement Learning (RL)
  • Q Learning, Sarsa
  • Deep Q-Network
  • Policy Gradient


  • Application form
  • Background in Security

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