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    September 1, 2022

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Designed for law enforcement and homeland security personnel, fingerprint analysts and forensic scientist, this class outlines the processes for using Photoshop in a forensic environment. We’ll examine digital darkroom applications as well as image analysis and image enhancement methods. You will learn how to take digital images and use Photoshop to enhance features not visible to the naked eye. Topics include: digital darkroom applications as well as image analysis and image enhancement methods.

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The Brief

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Forensics Imaging with Adobe Photoshop is designed for law enforcement, forensic specialists, latent print examiners, crime scene investigators, as well as Department of Defense, Information Intelligence and Homeland Security personnel.


  • Admissibility in Court
  • Setting up Adobe Photoshop for the most efficient and productive environment
  • Digital darkroom techniques
  • Image analysis and enhancement
  • Color isolation and deconvolution
  • Camera capturing techniques
  • Analytical comparisons
  • Enhancing latent prints
  • Sizing one to one
  • Non destructive editing
  • Adobe Camers Raw (ACR)
  • Fingerprint processing
  • Fourier transformation
  • Noise reduction and averaging
  • Shake reduction
  • Video capture enhancements
  • Courtroom displays
  • Surveillance video screen capture
  • Video de-interlacing techniques
  • Production tips and more.