Design Workshop

Our workshop provides students with a greater understanding of sustainable fashion, design and know-how to experience, learn and develop in the world of fashion from our industry specialists.

For the first time in World Expo history, every participating country will have its own pavilion. Enjoy immersive cultural experiences and discover what makes each country unique as you explore hundreds of pavilions.

Be part of the magic study during
EXPO 2021

Country Pavilions – 191 Countries participating

Course Details

  • Introduction to Design
  • Design Trends and History
  • Principles and theories
  • Interior Design process
  • Color Theory
  • Space and light
  • Fabrics and Furniture Styles
  • Measuring and Drafting
  • Design Drawing and Graphics
  • Conceptual skills and portfolio development
  • How to work with clients
  • Leadership and marketing
  • Interior Design and integration with architecture
  • Global perspective on design
  • Researching your idea
  • Sketch modelling
  • Technical drawing
  • Introduction to different 2-D 3-D geometrical figures and forms
  • Conceptual approach to structure
  • Interior design materials and applications
  • Space Planning
  • Concept boards vs Mood Boards
  • Creating a Mood Board

Workshop Package 


Business Trip




Breakfast and Lunch

Airport Transportation

Attend Runway Dubai Fashion Show

IBSW Hosted Dinner Gala