Functional English

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    June 21, 2022

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    Campus OR Online

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    6 Weeks

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This program aims to approach English grammar in various ways. The focus is to use English in a business and academic approach where learners need to master principal areas of grammar and communicate effectively.

Functional grammar, is essentially a natural grammar where everything can be explained by reference to how language is used. It is all about language use. Communicative grammar that learners can use in the typical situations that they find themselves in as they go about their daily lives.

This program uses materials tested to boost grammar skills with a twist of new techniques to easily remember words, phrases, expressions, and enhance vocabulary. It introduces the relation between the structure of a language and the various functions that the language performs.


This program uses books and materials that specifically focuses on communication, grammar and commerce. Students can choose which of the three courses they would like to take.

Functional English for Communication

Will help readers enrich their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through a large number of practice exercises and examples from academic and professional areas. The modules of the book have been specially designed to help readers use English language with clarity and confidence, thereby enhancing their communication skills and employability. The book exhibits the appropriate use of grammar and syntax, and the methods of identifying and avoiding common errors.

Key Features:

  • Encourages readers to think critically and use English effectively in academic, social and professional contexts
  • Aims at improving professional communication and employability skills of students
  • Aids self-learning in creative and competent manner through a wide range of practice exercices and activities.

Provides carefully designed units to familiarize students with the test patterns of various competitive examinations such as CAT, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, TEFL.

Functional English Grammar

Will engage into grammar and vocabulary that explores ways in which English grammar enables speakers and writers to represent the world, to interact with one another, and to create coherent messages. Grammar is viewed as a communicative resource. Each chapter includes a focus on areas of difficulty for second language learners, numerous authentic examples, tasks that allow the reader to apply the concepts introduced, and discussion questions. A final chapter covers issues in the learning and teaching of grammar, and reviews methodological options for the second or foreign language classroom.

The main objectives of this course are to:

  • allow learners to get familiar with English grammar,
  • focuses specifically on areas of interest as a second language learner, and
  • presents a functional view of grammar as a communicative resource rather than as a set of rules.

Functional English Commerce

The command over written and spoken English is now considered a necessity for the business graduates. It equips them with necessary skills and aptitude to deal successfully with the complex and challenging situations, arising out of inter-personal, and organizational dealings. This subject inevitably demands a systematic and comprehensive study of the related topics.

The main objectives of this course are:

  • to provide a sound base in the English grammar and composition,
  • to make aware of the fundamental rules and skills for effective oral and written communication in English, and
  • to develop proficiency in the art of effective communication.

The Brief

Guide to the Program


Complete the appropriate admissions application together with the payment of the application fee.

Submit a satisfactory official TOEFL or IELTS score report if English is not your first language.

Students take a placement test to determine their level in English before they enroll in any classes. Three sections of the test covers: Reading Skills, Language Usage and Sentence Meaning.

Required level:

Requires an ESL Placement Test recommendation for ESL Level 2.


18 hours per week (minimum) / 3 hours per day class.

Each course has 75 hours of intensive language classroom instruction. By advice and recommendation of the ESL faculty, students may also be allowed to enroll in another English class related to their academic goals.


Functional English program is a credit course where students seeking to meet the requirements are required to be matriculated into a degree program and have a pre-filed program of study form completed prior to enrollment. Tuition charged for credit-equivalent hour courses are consistent with credit hour charges.


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